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Armenia & Georgia Real Food Adventure

Armenia & Georgia Real Food Adventure

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Another destination on your bucket list – go there whilst it is still unspoilt and unknown
Enjoy the incredible cuisine of this area heavily influenced by their Russian neighbours north of the Caucasus

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Discover the rich flavours and centuries-old Caucasian classics of Yerevan, Tbilisi and beyond
Discover the punchy, herbaceous flavours of Armenia and Georgia on this food adventure. Sitting on the cusp of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, these two countries bring a knowledge, pride and tradition to their cuisine that stretches back centuries. Begin the journey in Yerevan, contrasting traditional Armenian barbecue, grilled trout and tolma with the many spicy aromas of the local market – and of course a drop or two of fine Armenian brandy. Continue the adventure in Georgia, where the charming facades of Tbilisi and the snow-dusted peaks of the Caucasus are the backdrop for culinary adventures, both hands-on and leisurely. Enjoy Adjarian-style khachapuri (cheese pie), hearty chaqafuli (beef or lamb in plumb sauce), mtsvadi (meat skewers in marinated in spices and pomegranate), churchkhela (nutty Georgian candy), khinkali (Georgian dumplings) – all washed down with a delicious array of Georgia’s famous local wines.

Why you’ll love this trip

  • Prepare your own tolma (vine-wrapped rice and mince), feast on succulent khorovats (Armenian pork barbecue) and visit a distillery to taste legendary Armenian brandy at the source.
  • Stay overnight in a local guesthouse in Gudauri, sitting down to a traditional meal with the family who run it.
  • Familiarise yourself with the local life in Telavi and make ‘mtsvadi’ (grilled pork skewers) then indulge in ‘churchkhela’, a delicious Georgian sweet!
  • Discover the World Heritage-listed church and cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia’s spiritual heart since Christianity was established in 301.
  • Finish your food adventure in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, awash with culture, colour and beautiful architecture. A bonus at the end of your city tour is a ‘chaqafuli’ (beef or lamb in a fresh plum sauce) feast with a local family.

Is this trip right for you?

  • You will reach a significant altitude on this trip (2200 metres at the highest point), so a good level of fitness is required for the hiking. That said, alternative activities can often be arranged for those who would prefer not to hike.
  • Photography of sensitive sites such as military bases and power installations is prohibited. You may be charged a photo fee at some tourist sites. It’s important to be aware of cultural sensitivities when photographing churches and other religious sites.
  • The itinerary is densely packed – we’d hate for you to miss anything – which means you’ll be busy. There will, however, be plenty of free time and opportunity for independent exploration.
  • On some days there’s a lot of walking between sites and around towns and cities. While it can be tiring to be on your feet, this is the best way to see a destination. Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes will be your best friend.
  • You will have two different leaders for this trip – one for Armenia and one for Georgia. They’ll change over at the border crossing on day 4.
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    Yerevan, Armenia / Tbilisi, Georgia
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    6:00 PM
  • Return Time
    10:00 AM
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Tour Plan

Welcome to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. After meeting with your guide at 6 pm in the hotel lobby, head out with your fellow travellers for a welcome dinner in a local restaurant. Here the main dish is khorovats – skewered and spice meats, such as pork, grilled on a barbecue. It's the most representative dish of Armenian cuisine enjoyed in restaurants, family gatherings and feasts. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Yerevan - Welcome Dinner Meals Included Dinner Special Information It’s very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time. If you are going to be late please let your travel agent or hotel reception know. Ask reception or look for a note in the lobby for more information on where the meeting will take place.
After breakfast, set off on a city tour around Yerevan. This includes a visit to the local market, the best place to browse the fresh fruits, dried fruits and many aromatic spices that Armenia is known for. In the second half of the day, make tracks for Garni. Here you'll enjoy lunch in a local house, sampling some delectable Armenian grilled trout – the locals often call this dish 'prince', and it's associated with all things royal and regal. Today you're sure to sample some lavash, a soft, thin unleavened flatbread so essential to Armenia that it's on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Afterwards, make the drive to back to Yerevan and enjoy a free evening. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Yerevan - Market Yerevan - City Tour Armenia - Geghard Monastery - UNESCO World Heritage site Garni - Lunch in a Local Home Meals Included Breakfast Lunch
After breakfast at the hotel, drive to the Zvartnots Cathedral. Built in the 7th century, destroyed in the 10th century, and excavated in the early 20th, this World Heritage-listed marvel is impressive even in its ruined and partially reconstructed form. Look out for the sculpted eagle sitting among the columns, arches and other stone artefacts. Continue to the Echmiadzin Cathedral, one of the oldest standing churches in Christendom. Then we visit a local art school for a cooking class, where you'll learn to make the traditional Armenian dish known as tolma (rice and ground spiced meats wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves). Head back to Yerevan and visit the Armenian Brandy Factory for a taste of various aged brandies, the classic Ararat variety is considered the pride of many generations and a symbol of Armenia. With a free evening to seek out dinner where you like, consider the excellent Yerevan Tavern – it comes highly recommended. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Yerevan - Day Trip (Zvartnots & Etchmiadzin) Echmiadzin - Armenian Cooking Class Meals Included Breakfast Lunch Special Information Please note that Echmiadzin Cathedral is undergoing renovations and access may be restricted for the remainder of 2019. The grounds and courtyards will remain open and we will continue to visit the site.
Start the day by visiting Letter Park, where a giant stone is dedicated to the founder of Armenia's alphabet. Then it's off to visit a bakery in Aparan called Gntunik, which has become something of a legend thanks to its delicious, soft bread cooked to perfection in huge clay pots. Continue to the forested Lori province, where our destination is the Akhtala village. Here we have a coffee stop at NURIK, a centre for community and tourism development founded by the Armenian Young Women's Association. In the evening, continue to Sadakhlo, located at the Georgian border. At this juncture your guide and transport will change as the Georgia leg of your adventure begins. Once over the border, transfer to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, and spend the night at a hotel. This evening, get your first taste of Georgian cuisine as you enjoy one of the country’s oldest and most delicious dishes for dinner, shqmeruli, a hearty combination of succulent chicken with a garlic and milk sauce. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Yerevan - The Armenian Alphabet Monument Aparan - Gntunik Bakery Visit Akhtala - Akhtala Village Visit Meals Included Breakfast Dinner Special Information Your Armenia Leader will take you to the border to cross into Georgia. Here you will be met by your Georgian leader who will be with you for the next section of the itinerary.
Today we will explore the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Wonder in the old districts of the city, which are structured like terraces, as well as take a walk in the narrow streets to enjoy colourful houses, patterned balconies and wonderful samples of modern architecture. We will start the tour from Metekhi church (13th century) facing the magnificent views over old Tbilisi. A stroll along winding little streets takes us to the main sights of the city. Afterwards we enjoy the panoramic views of the whole town and through the ancient Narikala fortress (4th century), find ourselves in the historical domed sulphur bath area - connected with the name of our city. For lunch we visit special restaurant, offering different types of cheese breads. Cheese breads are known as khachapuri in Georgian. Enjoy a tasting of several varieties consisting of an array of shapes, styles and fillings. After lunch, enjoy free time for the rest of the day. Driving time today will be approximately 1.5 hours. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Tbilisi - City tour Tbilisi - Market Visit Meals Included Breakfast Lunch
Today we travel into the Kakheti region, surrounded by both snowy Caucasus mountains and fertile valleys and famous for its wines and welcoming hospitality. Your first stop is the 16th century Gremi Architectural Complex, followed by lunch with a local family. Familiarise yourself with the local life and make 'mtsvadi', a famous Georgian barbeque dish, and learn the ritual behind its preparation. Afterwards, watch a demonstration on the making of 'churchkhela', a type of Georgian sweet, and give it a go yourself! After lunch, drive to a traditional Georgian wine cellar, where you’ll learn the secret behind the unique method used to create this delicious beverage. Arrive to your night's accommodation at approximately 5 or 6 pm. The approximate time spent driving today is 4–5 hours. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Gremi - Architectural Complex (Closed Mondays) Gavazi - Visit Local Family & Lunch (Georgian BBQ) Kvareli - Kindzmarauli Winery Visit Gavazi - Winery Cellar Tour & Tasting (Traditional Kvevri) Gavazi - Traditional Churchkhela Demonstration Meals Included Breakfast Lunch
This morning, visit a local master who’ll show you the ‘kvevri’ (clay jars where Georgians store wine underground), followed by a tasting. Continue to Gudauri where you’ll enjoy lunch with a local Georgian family. Take a part making traditional Georgian hot and cold dishes, including megrelian kharcho (beef in a walnut sauce). Next, drive to Georgia's ancient capital and religious centre, Mtskheta, and see its World Heritage-listed marvels: Jvari church, which dates back to the 6th century, and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, dating back to the 11th century (where the Robe of Christ is buried). Afterwards, drive up the famous Georgian Military Highway, which leads to the Georgian-Russian border. On the way there, visit the 17th-century Ananuri architectural complex, as well as the two churches and the fortress that overlooks the Zhinvali water reservoir. The views here are spectacular, so make sure those camera batteries are charged. The carvings on the churches are some of the best samples of Georgian art out there. There will also be a stop for a picnic in this region, if the weather holds out. At any rate, today's drive through Caucasus Mountains is a memorable one (note that it can get slow, steep and windy up here). In the evening, sit down to dinner at a local guesthouse in Gudauri where you’ll spend the night. Today the time spend driving is approximately 5–6 hours. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Mtskheta - Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Ananuri - Architectural Complex Meals Included Breakfast Lunch Dinner
From Gudauri, it's a leisurely 2-hour walk up through beautiful valleys and woodland to Gergeti Trinity Church (2170 m above sea level). Weather permitting, you might catch a glimpse of one of the highest glaciers in the Caucasus, Mt Kazbegi (5047 m). After the walk, visit a local family, also located in Gudauri, where the host will take a masterclass on how to make khinkali (Georgian dumplings which originated in mountainous regions of Mtiuleti, Pshavi and Khevsureti). This is sure to be an interesting history lesson too, as the pre-Mongolian origins of this classic Caucasian dish – and the legend of the toothless boy who needed a soft-boiled food (hence the dumpling) – are no doubt touched on. Return to Gudauri in the late afternoon, arriving at around 6 pm to enjoy a free evening. The approximate driving time today is 4 hours. Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Stepantsminda - Gergeti Trinity Church Hike Stepantsminda - Khinkali Cooking Class (Georgian Dumplings) Meals Included Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Leave Gudauri this morning and head to Tbilisi for an afternoon at leisure. Perhaps ask your leader for tips and recommendations on things to see and do to make the most of your time here. In the evening, head out for a farewell dinner at a traditional Georgian restaurant featuring 'chaqafuli' (beef or lamb in a fresh plum sauce). Accommodation Hotel (1 night) Included Activities Tbilisi - Khachapuri Cooking Class Tbilisi - Georgian Farewell Dinner Optional Activities Tbilisi - Aerial Cable Car - USD1 Tbilisi - Museum of Georgia - USD5 Tbilisi - Museum of Fine Arts - USD2 Tbilisi - Sulphur Baths Entry - USD35 Meals Included Breakfast Dinner
DAY 10
Your adventure comes to an end after breakfast today. Meals Included Breakfast

Tour Dates

Departures start from 10 May 2020, call us for more details.